Downgrading to a free plan

You can downgrade from a paid plan to a free one, and you won't lose any of your existing contacts or files, even if your account exceeds the new, lower limits. You can, at any time, upgrade back to a paid plan.

Since a number of product features are excluded from the free plan, downgrading from a paid plan will have a number of impacts. These impacts are described below.

No contacts will be lost even if you are over the 50 contact limit, but once over the limit, no contacts can be added even as new members, event registrants, or donors.
You won't lose any of your existing administrators but you won't be able to add any more or replace any that you remove.
Emails are limited to 50 recipients. Emails sent to a larger number will be randomly pared down to 50. For instructions on disabling automatic emails, click here.
If you have more than 50 contacts, then no new contacts can register for events. Existing contacts can continue to register for events.
Online payments
Online payments will no longer be accepted. Your payment system setting will be switched to manual payments. Recurring payments will be automatically stopped for members unless if you are using PayPal Standard as your payment provider. If you're using PayPal Standard, recurring payments will continue to take place in PayPal but won't be recorded in Wild Apricot.
If your site has a donation form gadget, a message stating that donations are unavailable for this account will be displayed in its place.
Custom domain
Custom domains are not supported with free plans. You may need to begin using your domain in place of your custom one.
A Powered by Wild Apricot banner will appear at the bottom of your site with a Try it free link.
Theme overrides
Theme overrides continue to function but cannot be modified. Support will not be provided for troubleshooting theme override issues with free plans.
Online store
Catalog and cart gadgets will no longer appear on your site pages or templates. They will reappear once you upgrade to a paid plan.
Site search gadget
The site search gadget will still appear on your site page(s) but when a visitor attempts a search, the following message will appear: "Site search is not available for this site."
Member app
The member app will be disabled for your account.


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