Feature requests

We collect requests for new features and feedback on existing features on our wishlist forum. You can also provide feedback by clicking the Feedback icon within admin view.

Using the Wishlist forum

You can search the wishlist for existing suggestions that you can vote for. search-EDM.png

As you type your idea, you'll see a list of existing requests.

If you see your idea in the list, click on the Vote button to add your votes to the suggestion to increase priority of the suggestion, or click on the idea to contribute any additional comments and then add your votes.

If you don’t see your idea in the list, click on the Post a new idea button and fill out the the details of your suggestion (e.g. category, description, images) and add your votes if you would like to assign them to this feature. new idea-VDU.png

Every user can vote once on any feature within the wishlist. And votes can be added, removed, or moved to another suggestion at any time.

We review every suggestion that is posted to the Wishlist. If the idea has already been suggested, it will be merged with an existing idea (including votes, comments and supporters). If it has not be suggested it will be assigned to one the following statuses:

  • Collecting comments - initial status of ideas being reviewed by our team and other forum users
  • Developing - the feature is being developed now
  • Released - feature is developed and published as a part of one of our releases
  • Rejected - used when a suggestion is rejected and we have no plans to work on it

When an idea changes its status, all the users who follow, voted or commented on the suggestion will be notified. Wild Apricot team makes updates to ideas when we have new information to share, or questions to clarify.

Once a feature is released, we will change its status to Released, and all the users who voted for that feature will receive an email notification.

Using the Feedback icon in admin view

To provide feedback and suggest new features from within admin view, click the Feedback icon within the admin logo area in the upper right corner. A window will appear in which you can enter a comment or suggestion for improving Wild Apricot. option-pes.png

In addition to text, you can click the paper clip icon to add a file that further illustrates or explains your idea.

When you are finished describing your idea, click the Next button to continue. If a similar idea has already been suggested, you'll have the option of clicking the link to the existing idea and adding your vote to it, or continuing with posting your idea.

Once you click Post idea, your idea will be posted to the Wild Apricot wishlist forum where it will be reviewed by Wild Apricot's design team.


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