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From the All settings page, an administrator can access global settings for your website. To view the All settings screen, click the Settings menu then click the All option.

Other settings are also available for individual page templates, pages, layouts, and gadgets.

Which options you see on this screen will depend on your administrative permissions. The following options are available.

Your account

Update your account and organization information.

Change your account or billing details
See Upgrading to paid plan, Changing billing details

Change your organization name, time zone, and email
See Organization details

View details about your referrals and referral commissions
See Referrals

View and submit support requests
See Support requests.


Controls who receives emails from your site

CC emails
Automatically copy emails to secondary or alternate email addresses
See Automatically copying emails to secondary addresses

Routing of system emails
Choose who receives copies of system emails
See Routing of system emails


Add interactive functionality powered by Wild Apricot to your existing website.

Widgets code
Get the code to add Wild Apricot widgets to your existing website
See Widgets


Settings related to the setup, management, and export of your finances.

Payment settings
Change payment settings
See Online payments

Invoice template
Customize the invoice template and set the next invoice number
See Customizing invoices

Payment receipt
Change payment receipt settings
See Customizing receipts

Manage the list of tenders
See Payment tenders

Change QuickBooks export settings
See QuickBooks export settings

Set up taxes and choose where to apply them
See Taxes


Settings related to the management of your contact records. In Wild Apricot, all records are considered contact records whether they have a membership or not (see Contacts vs members).

Common fields
Customize common contact fields
See Adding and modifying database fields

Password email
Customize password email
See Passwords

Subscription form email
Customize subscription confirmation email
See Email subscription form


All settings related to the setup of your membership renewals, online applications forms, and membership emails (e.g. reminders).

Membership fields
Customize membership database fields
See Adding and modifying database fields

Manage membership levels
See Membership levels

Set default member privacy settings
See Member privacy settings

Manage member groups
See Member groups

Create discount coupons
See Discounts

Search result layouts
Customize advanced search result layouts
See Advanced member search layouts

Member emails
Customize membership emails
See Customizing default membership emails

Starting page
Choose landing page for members
See Starting page for members

Design membership cards for printing or downloading
See Membership cards

Set up polls to hold elections and conducts surveys
See Polls, elections, and surveys

Poll announcement email
Customize optional email sent to announce poll to authorized members.
See Polls, elections, and surveys


Settings related to events.

Event emails
Customize event emails
See Event emails


Settings related to donations.

Donation confirmation email
Customize donation confirmation email
See Donations

Donation fields
Customize donation database fields
See Donation forms

Donation receipt
Change donation receipt settings
See Donations

Site look and feel

Website layout and design options.

Select website theme
See Website themes

Colors and styles
Change colors and styles used throughout your site
See Customizing colors and styles

Add CSS code for advanced site customization
See CSS customization

Theme overrides
Customize website appearance by directly modifying theme files
See Theme overrides


Options for securing your website.

Account administrators
Control who can log into your site as full or partial administrators
See Account administrators

Anti-spam settings (Captcha)
Enable Captcha anti-spam settings
See Anti-spam settings (Captcha)

Authorization required message
Customize message for restricted access page
See Page access and visiblity

Traffic encryption (HTTPS/SSL)
Provide secure access to your website using traffic encryption
See Encrypting your site

API key
Generate an API key
See Wild Apricot API

Site settings

Settings specific to the setup of your website.

Upload and manage website pictures and documents
See File management

Domain name
Add custom domain, change website address
See Domain management

Global JavaScript
Insert custom JavaScript to run on all site pages
See Inserting and modifying HTML or JavaScript

Change keywords and other tags for search engine optimization
See Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Site search settings
Control whether certain kinds of content are included in site search results
See Site searches


Settings related to Wild Apricot's mobile apps.

Mobile app
Settings for Wild Apricot's mobile app for members
See Wild Apricot member app


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