Restoring deleted pages and page templates

You can view and restore deleted site pages and pages templates.

When you delete a page or page template, it is moved to the trash. From the trash, you can preview the deleted page or template, and restore it or empty the trash.

You can also restore previous versions of pages that have not been deleted. For more information, see Version history.

Administrators with limited access cannot view page templates within the trash, and can only view pages to which they have been granted access.

Viewing trashed items

To view the contents of the trash, click Trash under the Website menu.

A list of deleted pages and templates appears on the left.

The trash can hold up to 100 items. Once the limit is reached, older items will be permanently deleted to accommodate newer ones.

Beneath of the name of the deleted page or template is the date and time it was deleted, and the name of the user who deleted it. When you click a page or template within the list, a preview of the deleted page or template appears in the preview area on the right.

Restoring trashed items

To restore a deleted page or template, click it within the list then click the Restore button.

If you are restoring a page, it will be restored to the Not in menu page list, regardless of its previous Position in menu setting.

Emptying the trash

To empty the trash so that all its contents are permanently deleted, click the Empty trash link.

When administrators with limited access empty the trash, only the pages to which they have been granted access will be emptied.

Once the trash is emptied, its previous contents cannot be restored.


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