Troubleshooting email

Emails appear differently on different mobile devices

  • On Apple iOS devices, email content will automatically reflow from multiple columns into a single column. On all other mobile devices, multiple columns are maintained but the columns will be narrowed.

My image-only emails are being flagged as spam

  • Many email readers block image-only emails because they are frequently used by spammers
  • Other email readers will route image-only emails to junk or spam folders

AOL is rejecting all my email messages

  • AOL email servers automatically reject all incoming 3rd party email domains that start with AIM or AOL (e.g. an email coming from "" or "" is not allowed). This means if your primary Wild Apricot domain starts with AIM or AOL (as in, Wild Apricot will use as the FROM email for all outgoing emails, and all emails to anyone on AOL will bounce as a result for using an "unauthorized IP". To send emails to contacts with AOL email addresses, make sure your FROM email and REPLY-TO email domain do NOT start with @AIM or @AOL. You can check the current FROM email and default REPLY-TO emails in Organization details.
  • As well, AOL has instituted limits on the number of emails you can send to their servers per hour and per day. If you exceed the limit, AOL may fail to deliver your email.


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