Reordering and grouping menu pages

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You can change the order of pages on your Wild Apricot site menu, and group Wild Apricot site pages under one another to form multi-level menus.

If you don't want a parent menu item to be clickable or link to a page, you can make a menu item not clickable.

Reordering menu pages

To change the order of the pages in your site menu, click the Reorder pages link on the Site pages screen.

Now, drag and drop pages to the desired location within the menu.

To make a page the home page, drag it to the top of the menu.

Once you are finished reordering pages, click the Save page order button.

You can also control a page's position within your site menu – and designate it as your home page – through its page settings. Using the options under Position in menu, you can place the page after another page or remove it from the menu altogether.

Administrators with limited access can only reorder the pages to which they have been granted access.

Creating multi-level menus

You can create multi-level menus so that options appear grouped under other options.

You can create as many levels of menu options as you wish, though older themes may not proper display more than 3 menu levels.

Within multi-level menus, a top-level menu option is still clickable and links to a separate page. In the above example, clicking About Us displays a different page than clicking Board of Directors or Partners does.

To create a multi-level menu, click the Reorder pages link on the Site pages screen. Next, drag the page you want to be a submenu option to the right of the page you want to act as the parent menu option.

Once a triangle appears to the left of the parent page name, you can release your mouse button. After you drop the page, it will appear grouped under the parent menu option, both within the page list and in your site menu.

You can click the minus sign beside the parent page to collapse the list of subpages, and click the plus sign to expand it.

You can also group a page under another page through its page settings. Under Position in menu, click the Child of selected page option and select the page you want to group it under.


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