To log into your Wild Apricot account – as an administrator, member, or other contact – you need to enter your email address and password. Passwords are automatically generated and emailed by the system when someone creates a Wild Apricot account by signing up as a member, donor, or event attendee at a Wild Apricot site, or they can be set by an administrator manually or through import.

Passwords can be changed by an administrator, either manually or through import, and can be changed or reset by the contact. If an administrator change a contact's password or adds a contact manually, an email containing the password can be sent from the contact record.

Password requirements

  • Minimum of 7 characters
  • Maximum of 50 characters
  • Any combination of letters, numbers and characters (except spaces)
Wild Apricot passwords are case sensitive.

Changing the password by a contact

A member or other contact can change their password by clicking the Change password link that appears below or beside the link to their profile after the member logs in. password link-yuE.png

On the screen that appears, the contact enters their current password, then the new password, and the new password again for confirmation. password screen-ZwY.png
You can customize the appearance of this screen by modifying the Change password system page.

Resetting the password by a contact

If a member or other contact forgets their password, they can click the Forgot password link that appears beside the Login button on the login screen. password link-Oqk.png

On the screen that appears, the contact enters their email address and clicks the Submit button. password screen-SjE.png

An email will be sent to the address they entered with a link they can click to change their password. For security reasons, the link will expire within 24 hours of the message being sent.

Administrators can customize the reset password link request page by modifying the Reset password request system page. They can also modify the reset password page that the link leads to by modifying the Reset password system page.

Emailing password resetting instructions

If you want to send an email to one or more of your contacts with instructions on resetting their passwords, include the {Contact_Password_Reset_URL} macro in your message. Your contacts can click the link to reset their password.

Emailing passwords

When you add a contact manually, you can generate and email a new password to the contact by clicking the Email new password button from the contact's Contact details tab on their contact record. password-wQU.png

Password emails are not automatically sent by the system when you import or manually add a member or contact.

You can customize the password email using the instructions below.

Customizing the password email

When a member or other contact signs up at your Wild Apricot site, an email is automatically sent to them with their password and other login information.

The password email is also sent when an administrator clicks the Email new password button from the contact's Contact details tab on their contact record.

To customize the password email, hover over the Settings menu and click the Contacts option. Under the Contacts settings list, click Password email.

On the screen that appears, click Edit to enter edit mode. Within the email template, you can add or replace text, links, pictures, and macros using the options appearing on the toolbar.

To choose a previous email or an email template as the basis for the email, click the Copy from button. To restore the original pre-modified version of the email – the factory default – click the Restore default button.

Changing the password by an administrator

An administrator can change the password for a member or other contact from the contact record or in bulk through import.

Changing the password from the contact record

To change a contact's password from their contact record, go to the Contact details tab and click the Edit button to the right of Login details. a member password 1-HRE.png

On the screen that appears, enter the new password in the two password fields then click Save. a member password 2-WUg.png

For security reasons, the contact's existing password is not visible to administrators, though administrators can reset the password for any contact.

Changing passwords through import

If you are transitioning from another membership management system, your members may already have passwords. In this case, you can import their passwords – along with other contact information – by entering them in the Password column of your spreadsheet. For more information, see Bulk changes through importing.

If you import contacts without setting their passwords, the system will set them automatically. Your contacts can then change their generated passwords by clicking the Forgot password link that appears beside the Login button (see above for details).


I submitted a password reset request but I did not receive any email

If you don't receive the password reset email, you should check the following:

  • Your email spam folder - make sure to white list this email so that future emails will go to your inbox
  • If you have set up Wild Apricot to use your own custom domain name (see Custom domain setup), you have to make sure that it is set up with the correct SPF record and SPF settings.
When I click on the reset link, I get a "404 - Page not found" error

This problem is related to incorrect custom domain set up. Make sure that it is set up as described on our Custom domain setup help page.

When I click on the reset link, a message says that it is expired

For security reasons, the password reset link is only valid for 24 hours. After this you will need to use the Forgot password link again.


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