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Admin screens in Wild Apricot share certain elements. You can use these elements to jump to another admin screen, to obtain help and technical support, and to view item lists and item settings.

Using the admin view menu

Wild Apricot admin screens are grouped into pull-down menus according to their functional area.

You can jump to another admin screen by selecting the appropriate option from the menu.

The menu option for the current screen will appear bolded, and the name of the menu under which it is grouped will appear bolded and highlighted. Other menu options grouped under the menu will appear horizontally across the menu bar.

When you are editing a site page, the menu will disappear to free up more design space. Once you save or cancel your changes, the menu will reappear.

Using the Account menu

The Account menu appears to the left of the Wild Apricot logo in the upper right corner of admin view.

When you hover your pointer over the Account menu, a number of account-related options appear.

Selecting the My profile option will take you to your contact profile. For more information, see Contact details.

The Account & billing option will display your account number and can be used to take you to the Account screen where you can change your billing plan and billing details, or delete your account. You will need your account number if you contact Wild Apricot for technical support.

Selecting the Change password option will take you to a screen where you can change your password. For more information, see Passwords.

Selecting the Log out option will log you out of your Wild Apricot account. Your Wild Apricot site will appear as it would to any visitor who is not logged in.

Using the Public view link

The Public view link appears beside the Account menu in the upper right corner of admin view.

Clicking the Public view link takes you from admin view to public view, where you can view your Wild Apricot site as a member at your membership level would see it – assuming you have assigned yourself to a membership level. To view your site from the perspective of a visitor who is not logged in as a member, simply log out of your account from either admin view or public view.

For more information, see Switching between views.

Using the Print icon

The Print icon appears below the Public view link in the upper right corner of admin view.

Using the Print icon, you can print printer-friendly versions of your Wild Apricot setup screens.

You can also print:

  • individual invoices, payments, refunds, and donations
  • lists of contacts, members, events, invoices, and payments
  • various reports

For more information, see Printing.

Using the Support icon

Clicking the Support icon in the upper right corner of admin view will take you to Wild Apricot's support portal, where you can submit a support request.

You can also submit a support request from the inproduct help panel. From the help panel menu – which you can display by clicking the menu icon at the top of the help panel – you click the Support request option and enter the details in the form that appears.

Using the Academy icon

The Academy icon appears beside the Support icon in the upper right corner of admin view.

Clicking the Academy icon will take you to Wild Apricot's Membership Academy, where you can find information and resources for small organizations like yours.

Using the Feedback icon

The Feedback icon appears beside the Academy icon in the upper right corner of admin view.

Clicking the Feedback icon will display a window where you can enter a comment or suggestion for improving Wild Apricot. Your feedback will be posted to the Wild Apricot wishlist forum where it will be reviewed by Wild Apricot's design team.

Once a month, you'll be prompted to rate your Wild Apricot experience on a scale from 1 to 10.

Using the sidebar

While you are editing a site page, a sidebar on the left side of the screen is used to display the following:

  • list of items (e.g. pages, templates, gadgets, etc.)
  • settings for the currently selected item

Within the item lists, an info icon will appear for the currently selected item, and for any item that you hover over. If you then hover over the info icon, an information panel displaying options specific to the item will appear.

To hide the sidebar, click the left chevron at the top of the sidebar.

To show the hidden sidebar, click the right chevron.


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