Members location mapping gadget

Using the members location mapping gadget, you can display an interactive map that shows where your members are located, and optionally, provides contact information. location mapping2-jDg.png
A Google billing account is required to access the Google APIs used by this gadget. Access is free up to the following limits: 2,500 requests/day and 50 requests/second. For more information, see Google Geocoding API Usage Limits.

Setting up Google Maps integration

Before you can add the members location mapping gadget to a page on your site, you need to set up your Google Maps integration.

  1. Go to the Google Maps platform and click the Get Started button. maps platform get started-yFA.png
  2. On the Enable Google Maps Platform screen that appears, check the Maps and Places checkboxes then click Continue. google maps platform-lmQ.png
  3. Select or create a project then click Next. or create project-K7c.png
  4. Enable billing for your project, if it is not already enabled. If you are not logged in as an administrator of a Google billing account, you may need to create a Google billing account or contact your Google account administrator and ask them to enable billing for your Google account. billing for project-Nhw.png
  5. Once you are logged in an administrator of a Google billing account, you are prompted to enable your Google Maps APIs and generate an API key. Click Next to do so. google maps apis-f2I.jpg
  6. From the next screen, copy the API key and save it in a secure location. You'll need to paste it later in the field provided within your members location mapping gadget settings. maps api key-5X8.png
  7. On this same screen where you copied the API key, click the API Console link.
  8. Within the Application restrictions section, select the option to restrict this key's usage to HTTP referrers (websites). restrictions-jr4.png
  9. Enter your Wild Apricot domain name(s) in the fields provided under the Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (websites). Do not enter your domain using the wildcard * as this would result in you paying for map views on other Wild Apricot sites.
  10. Click the API restrictions tab. restrictions tab-m5c.png
  11. Select the Geocoding API, Maps JavaScript API, and Places API options then click Save. restrictions selections-HaE.jpg

Now that your Google maps integration is set up, you can add the members mapping location gadget to a page on your Wild Apricot site. Within the gadget settings, be sure to paste the API key you copied above.

It may take up to 5 minutes for your settings to take effect.

Gadget settings

To display the settings for a gadget, hover over the gadget then click the Settings icon. location mapping settings-fPY.png

The following settings are available for members location mapping gadgets.

Members to include

Controls the kinds of members to be displayed on the map. The following options are available:

All members
Include all members with a membership status of Active or Pending Renewal.

From saved search
Use a saved member search to limit members to those that match the saved search criteria. When you choose this option, you can choose from a list of your saved member searches. This option will only appear if you have a saved member search.

Selected levels
Restrict the map to members at selected membership levels. When you click this option, you can choose one or more membership levels. If you check the All levels option then all levels – including any levels added in the future – will be selected.

Selected groups
Restrict the map to members belonging to selected member groups. When you click this option, you can choose one or more member groups. If you check the All groups option then all groups – including any groups added in the future – will be selected.

Show bundle administrator only
Indicates whether to include only bundle administrators and exclude individual members of bundles.

Member address fields

To specify the location of your members, you can choose one or more address fields from your common fields and membership fields. At the very least, you need to choose one field that includes the country name.

Pop-up window

You can choose up to 5 common or membership fields to be displayed in the pop-up window that appears for a member when you click a marker within the map. popup-UzI.png

Display map options

You can specify the height of the map in pixels.

Gadget title

If you specify a gadget title, the title will appear specially formatted within the gadget. Depending on the gadget style you choose, the title may appear in a heading box. If you want to add a description under the title, do not enter a gadget title, but instead, create a content gadget with a title and description, and place the content gadget ahead of this gadget.

For Kaleidoscope themes, use a Headline gadget instead of specifying a gadget title.

Gadget style

The gadget style determines the physical appearance of the gadget. The style you choose will determine the color and format of the gadget title, the gadget content, and the gadget border. You can choose from theme-specific styles and styles that are common to all themes.


The amount of space – in pixels – that appears outside the gadget. You can set top, bottom, left, and right margins separately.

Using the members map

While the gadget is loading the location information for your members, a notice will appear indicating its progress. location mapping processing-zp0.png

To refresh the gadget so that all processed markers are displayed, visitors can click the refresh icon within the notice.

When visitors to your site first view your map, the map is zoomed out to display all markers. Markers indicates the location of individual members. Multiple markers that appear in the same general area are represented by numbers that indicate the number of markers clustered together. location mapping-cb4.png

Visitors can click the number to zoom into that area.

Visitors can click markers to view a pop-up window displaying the member information you chose within the gadget settings. popup-P1s.png


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