Preparing your spreadsheet

  1. Remove irrelevant information

Delete any information that does not pertain to contact information or membership information.

2. Remove empty rows and columns

Blank rows and columns may corrupt the import.

3. Delete any extra sheets in the workbook

Having more than one sheet in the workbook may corrupt the import.

4. Clean up and separate column data

Starting with your headers, accurately describe the column of data. If column names are unclear and irrelevant to the information, it may cause the data to be mapped in wrong fields.

5. Format all dates columns correctly and consistently

Ensure that the system Date format is the same as your date columns’ data

6. Place multiple phone numbers into separate columns

Multiple phone numbers within a single phone field is not advised.

7. Phone extensions in a separate column

Text or an extension combined with phone number within the same phone field is not advised.

8. Split up and separated Addresses into different columns

Street address, postal/zip code, city, province/state, country should all be individual columns

9. Separate list items with a comma (if you want to import a list of fixed items)

Each individual list item can be imported into a multiple choice field with fixed selections

10. Identify the Membership column

There should be a column for the Membership the record belongs to, rename it to “Membership level”. For non-member records, leave the entry blank.

11. Identify the Renewal date/Expiry date column

There should be a column for the date in which the member’s membership expires. Rename the column to “Renewal due”. For non-member records, leave the entry blank.

12. Identify the Membership status column

There should be a column for the member’s status in a membership. Rename the column to Membership status.

Data should be “Active” for fully paid members, “Lapsed” for members that are owing outstanding fees.

For non-member records, leave the entry blank.

(For Bundle type memberships only)

12.5. Identify the Bundle admin (main person in a Bundle type membership level)

Insert a column labelled Member bundle email.

The email of the person in charge of the membership will go into this column.

13. Save the file as .xls or .xlsx for best results

General rule of thumb:

<1000 rows, save as xls

>1000 rows, save as xlsx


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