Browser compatibility

Each new version of Wild Apricot is tested with the latest available version of each browser. We also retest Wild Apricot, as soon as we can, whenever new browser versions with major changes come out.

For best results with Wild Apricot, please one of the following browsers, on Mac OS X or Windows:


  • Use latest version.

Internet Explorer

Versions 10 or later of Internet Explorer are fully supported.

  • Clients have reported a number of issues using Version 11 of Internet Explorer with Wild Apricot.
  • Versions 8-9 of Internet Explorer are supported for public and member access, but not for administrative functions.
  • The content editor is not supported for Version 9 of Internet Explorer, for either administrative or public use.
  • When uploading multiple files to the Files screen using Internet Explorer 10, the first file selected will not be uploaded.

Microsoft Edge

  • Currently unable to upload files using this browser, whether from file management or when importing contacts or uploading to photo albums

Google Chrome

  • Use latest version.
  • Images cannot be resized by dragging the edges/corners. You can still specify size in the Insert picture dialog.


  • Use latest version.
  • Images cannot be resized by dragging the edges/corners. You can still specify size in the Insert picture dialog.
  • In Safari 4.0.5, when viewing the member profile page in widget mode, logout may not work.
  • Make sure that you are set to always accept cookies. Check your browser setting and make the following adjustments if necessary:
    Preferences -> Security -> Accept Cookies: Always
  • Enable cross-site tracking by disabling the Prevent Cross-Site Tracking option. 
    Preferences -> Privacy -> Prevent cross-site tracking: uncheck

Other browsers

Other browsers may work well for visitors to your site but would likely not support all administrative functions. Mobile browsers, in particular, do not provide support for crucial administration functions such as email editing and page setup.

Additional requirements

Screen Resolution

Wild Apricot system requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.


Required. For instructions on turning on JavaScript, see How to Turn on Javascript in Internet Browsers.


Must be enabled. For instructions on enabling cookies, see How to Enable Cookies in Your Internet Web Browser.

Code to embed Wild Apricot widgets on another website that was copied before June 27, 2013 requires visitors to the site to accept third-party cookies. Widget code copied after that date does not require third-party cookies to be accepted.

Trusted Zone

Optional. If you use Internet Explorer and have enabled high security settings, you may wish to add your Wild Apricot site to your Trusted Zone list to ensure that Wild Apricot features aren't accidentally blocked. For instructions on adding sites to Internet Explorer's Trusted Zone, see How to Add a Website to Trusted Sites.


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