Merchant Data Sharing Consent Form

Consent to transfer credit card tokens

If you use WildApricot Payments to process credit card transactions in WildApricot, you may have seen a pop-up screen in the product requesting that you fill out a Merchant Data Sharing Consent Form (see image below). The reason for this is that we are updating our WildApricot Payments integration as part of an ongoing effort to enhance security, data management, and the customer experience.

In order to ensure a seamless experience for you when we transition your online payments merchant account to the new integration, we are changing the way your credit card tokens are stored. The credit card tokens that were previously stored by AffiniPay will be stored by Personify once the new payments integration goes live for your account. 

To do this, AffiniPay requires that you complete the Merchant Data Sharing Consent Form to create a record for their files that they have received permission from you to transition your credit card tokens to this new integration.  

For your awareness, a credit card token is a secure way to store credit card data so that the data is never exposed during a credit card transaction. One reason why your account may have credit card tokens is if you are processing automated payments, such as automatic membership renewal payments. Tokens allow automated payments to be processed without requiring your members to re-enter their credit card information. 

Important Note: If we do not receive your consent to transfer credit card payment tokens from AffiniPay to our new payments integration, then any recurring automatic payments you have configured will be disrupted when we transition to the new payments integration later this year.

What if I don't provide consent?

If you elect not to consent to the transfer of your credit cart tokens, then your organization will experience a disruption in the processing of any automatic credit card payments, such as membership renewals. In order to re-establish those automatic payments with the new integration, the credit card holders will need to re-enter their credit card information so that a new credit card token can be generated and stored.

All client data processed and stored for WildApricot clients is governed by the WildApricot Terms of Use, the Data Processing Addendum, and the Privacy Policy, all of which can be found here in our Legal Center.

In order to ensure a seamless experience for our WildApricot Payments customers, members of our WildApricot Onboarding Team may contact you directly via email or phone to walk you through the process of completing the Merchant Data Sharing Consent Form.

Tips to verify legitimacy of communications

In the interest of protecting your data and avoiding any potential scams, here are a few recommendations:

  1. Never provide any sensitive data over email or phone - No one representing WildApricot will ever request that you provide data this way. We will always guide users to first log-in to WildApricot directly to take action.

  2. Check the email domain carefully - Legitimate communications will originate from an email address that ends either with or If you receive an email from a different domain, even if it appears similar, then please contact WildApricot Support immediately to let us know.

  3. When in doubt, contact Support- If you receive an email or a voicemail and you are not sure what to do, please contact WildApricot Support. Our Support Team will be aware of any organized campaign to contact clients, so they can verify if the message you received is legitimate.

What does the form look like?

Where can I find my Account ID number?

Hover your cursor over Profile in the admin sidebar menu, and you will see your Account & billing number in parentheses. 

You can also find your account ID number in your organization's Billing information by navigating to Account > Billing.


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