Job Board's ZipRecruiter backfill feature

The ZipRecruiter backfill feature pulls job postings from ZipRecruiter's network onto your job board. This free option keeps your job board relevant, even when the frequency of your own paid job postings slows down. The feature can even be customized to show relevant jobs in your location and industry. 

To set up ZipRecruiter's free backfill integration, log in to your job board as an admin and navigate to Manage > Settings > Backfill Configuration

ZipRecruiter Publisher Key
The ZipRecruiter Publisher Key can only be given to you by WildApricot's support team. Contact to get the key for your job board.

Provide the location for the jobs you'd like pulled from ZipRecruiter.

Radius in Miles
Provide the maximum allowable distance for ZipRecruiter to consider in relation to the location you entered. 

Search Terms
Enter terms to use by default. If your job board is very industry-focused, providing some specific search terms will help ensure your users see only relevant jobs.

  • ZipRecruiter allows AND and NOT search operators. You will not be able to search for two separate keywords using the OR operator.

  • A search with two separate words, each in quotation marks, is taken as an AND relationship, and returns the most relevant jobs related to both keywords. For example, searching "Medical" "Sales" will return jobs related to Medical AND jobs related to Sales.

  • A search with an entire phrase in quotation marks will cause the search engine to look for an exact match to the phrase in quotation marks. For example, searching "Medical Sales" will return only job postings that include the exact phrase "Medical Sales" in the job description.

  • A search with two separate words and no quotation marks, such as Medical Sales, is interpreted as a soft AND relationship. Soft AND means that results with all words in the query are preferred, but depending on the query, missing words are sometimes allowed (in particular, queries with more than 4 words). Be careful not to enter too many terms, as this will reduce the match quality.

  • A search with a keyword or phrase in quotation marks plus the use of a minus sign is taken as a NOT relationship. For example a search of "Sales"-Medical returns jobs that include Sales but omits any with the term Medical.


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