Payments Information Verification - KYC

Merchant KYC data validation

If your organization processes credit card transactions in WildApricot, then you were required to fill out a merchant application to be approved by one of our credit card processing partners. This application requires you to share information and validate the identities of people associated with your organization, such as owner, officers, and other key stakeholders. The data collected in this application is sometimes referred to as Know Your Customer (KYC) data, and it's required by our processing partners to ensure that no one is using WildApricot for any illegal financial activity, such as credit card fraud.

From time to time, we at WildApricot may take steps to ensure that your KYC data is still accurate and up-to-date. These steps may include:

  • Posting a pop-up screen in the WildApricot product with a pre-populated form (see images below) for you to review, update, and submit

  • Sending an email from an approved WildApricot email account with a reminder and instructions for reviewing your KYC data

  • Placing a phone call from a member of the WildApricot Onboarding Team offering assistance in reviewing your KYC data

In the interests of protecting your data and avoiding potential scams, here are a few recommendations:

  • Never provide any sensitive data over email or phone - No one representing WildApricot will ever request that you provide data this way. We will always guide users to first log-in to WildApricot directly to take action.
  • Check the email domain carefully - Legitimate communications will originate from either an email address that ends with or If you receive an email from a different domain, even if it appears similar, then please contact WildApricot Support immediately to let us know.
  • When in doubt, contact Support - If you receive an email or a voicemail and you are not sure what to do, please contact WildApricot Support. Our Support Team will be aware of any organized campaign to contact clients, so they can verify if the message you received is legitimate.

WildApricot's Payments Information Verification form, also called a KYC form


We're a nonprofit organization and don't have an owner. What information should I enter for "Owner" on the form?
If a primary owner does not exist for your organization, please submit the details for an executive officer or other key personnel. A person who can serve as the Primary Representative for your organization is sufficient.

I tried to submit my verification form but received an error message. Why?
View our explanation of error messages that may appear during the verification process.

I submitted the form, but I think I may have provided incorrect information. How can I view it again?
In your browser, enter the following URL:

{your domain name}/sys/Admin/KycForm

I want to view my KYC form again after I've submitted or canceled it.
In your browser, enter the following URL:

{your domain name}/sys/Admin/KycForm

My routing number doesn't have 9 digits, so I can't submit the form.
Please add a 0 (zero) to the beginning of your routing number.

Who else in our organization will get this verification request?
Only account administrators with full admin permissions will receive the verification request, and only one full admin needs to submit the verification form. If there are multiple admins with full permissions for your account, this one-time request will be satisfied with the first successful submission of the verification form.

How many times will I need to do this?
This is a one-time request for information verification, and only one account administrator will submit a verification form on behalf of each WildApricot account. The prompt to verify your information will not appear again once you have submitted the information requested.

Learn more about KYC requirements

Explore the following external links to learn more about KYC requirements when processing payments:


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