Store admin API call

You can use the Store API call to retrieve information about online store orders and products, and set the status of an existing order.

Wild Apricot's API is intended for use by developers with technical expertise. If you need assistance, we provide support via email or through our Developers forum. If you are not an experienced programmer, consider using Make (formerly Integromat) to build automated workflows with Wild Apricot.

Store API functions

The Store API call supports the following functions. To view the Swagger documentation for each function, click the appropriate link below.

Filtering the results

You can filter the results of the Store API call so that only those orders that match the filter criteria will be included. For example, you might want to retrieve orders with a particular order status or payment status, or between certain dates. Within your filter criteria, you can use relational operators to include a range of orders, and use logical operators to combine multiple criteria.

You can filter events using the following fields:

FieldDescriptionPossible values
The status of the store order.
Fulfilled, Unfulfilled, Cancelled
The status of the order invoice.
NoInvoice, Paid, PartiallyPaid, Unpaid, Free
The start date of the range
Any date using the yyyy-mm-dd format
The end date of the range
Any date using the yyyy-mm-dd format


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