Version 5.1.5 release

Released on November 19, 2014

The Version 5.1.5 update consists of the following changes and enhancements.

New themeset – Blueprint

A new Blueprint theme set – consisting of Waterfront, Industrial Park, and Financial District website themes – has been added. Blueprint themes provide theme-specific functionality, including:

  • Secondary menu gadget
  • Ability to hide the Remember me and Forgot password labels within log in form gadgets, and control whether the email and password labels appear within the entry fields, or outside them
  • Sticky placeholder to create a non-scrolling area at the top of the page or within the sidebar – perfect for sticky menus
  • Button style to display a link as a round button
  • Promo text style with transparent background
  • Ability to control the colors and styles of elements within the upcoming events gadgets, recent blog posts gadgets, and forum updates gadgets

API update

  • Support for batch API requests
  • Ability to filter events returned by Events API call by including list of event IDs
  • Option to return event details as part of events list request
  • Ability to filter events returned by EventRegistrations API call by including list of registration IDs

Bug fixes

A number of bugs were fixed, including the following:

  • Custom event registration fields displaying a value of "Text entered" in the registration fields report
  • Insert picture dialog on Safari and Opera browsers appears blank or is slow to load
  • Access denied message when trying to add an event attendee manually
  • Event announcement message being sent out multiple times
  • Renewal confirmation emails being sent to bundle administrators even when the option to do so is disabled for the bundle membership level
  • Invoices printed using excessively small fonts
  • Unable to modify the user.css file through WebDAV under MacOS because of sharing violation and page locked errors 
  • Cannot remove custom domain if traffic encryption is set to Always
  • Group participation field was not being updated when importing contacts from a spreadsheet
  • When updating a contact record using the Contacts API call, membership status was being set to "membership not allocated"


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