Version 5.1.1 release

Released on August 19, 2014

The 5.1.1 update consists of the following changes and enhancements.

API Version 2

The following additions have been made to Version 2 of Wild Apricot's API.

  • Refunds API call added
  • AdminOnly response field added to ContactFields API call
  • Access response field values updated in ContactFields API call
  • Organization response field added to Contacts API call
  • AccessLevel response field added to Events API call
  • AdminOnly event registration field added to Events API call
  • TextIndex filter field added to Events API call

Bug fixes

Over 30 bugs were fixed, including the following:

  • After performing a contact search, if you sent an email to the contacts in the list using a previous sent message as the basis for the new message, the new email was sent to the recipients of the previous message, instead of the contacts returned by the search.
  • When editing import notes, there was no Save button to click to save your changes.
  • The last logged date was not being properly updated in some cases.
  • The member directory on sites using the White space, Clean lines, or Dark impact displayed ruling lines above and below the bottom row field.
  • Changing the site background from the Colors and styles screen for sites using the Business Casual and Granite themes had no effect.
  • When you generated an .ICS (iCalendar) file for an event that used a different timezone than the organization, the ICS file based the time of the event on the organization's timezone.
  • Forum update emails may not have included the name of the forum within the message subject or body.
  • Advanced member searches for bundle administrators did not always return the complete list.


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