Version 5.1 release

Released on July 31, 2014

The Version 5.1 release of Wild Apricot consists of the following changes and enhancements.


Limiting registrations by registration type

You can now limit the number of registrations for each registration type.

Setting up registration periods

You can now specify both a starting date and end date for registration types, allowing you define a registration window for limited time discounts.

Checking in event attendees

You can now check in event attendees from the event's registrants list.

Generating an attendance report

You can now generate and print an attendance report that you can use to manually record attendance at an event. 

Include in registrants list by default

The option to include in the list of event registrants is now selected by default.

Tracking page template use

You can now see which pages are using a particular page template, both from the template list, and from each template's settings.


New featured member gadget

The new featured member gadget allows you to display information about a specified number of members, drawn randomly from a saved search or from selected membership levels.

Random option for member directory gadget

You can now choose to display members in random order within a member directory gadget.

Enhancements to social profile gadget

  • The social profile gadget can now display links to Instagram and Pinterest accounts.
  • A new Default icons gadget style displays the standard icon for each social network.

Saved searches now available to all billing plans

The ability to save advanced contact and member searches was previously restricted to Community plans and above, Now, all Wild Apricot users can save contact and member searches.

API Version 2

Version 2 of Wild Apricot's API  provides the ability to update contact information, event registration, and payments, along with a number of new API calls you can use to retrieve additional information.

New API calls

  • Bundles API call
  • EventRegistrations API call (including ability to add, update, or delete event registrations)
  • Events API call
  • Invoices API call
  • MemberGroups API call
  • PaymentAllocations API call
  • Payments API call (including ability to create or delete payments)
  • SavedSearches API call
  • Tenders API call

Expanded API calls

  • Contacts API call (added ability to create or update a contact record)

Other changes

  • Process for authenticating accounts is different with Version 2


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