Version 5.5 release

Released on August 5, 2015

The Version 5.5 release of Wild Apricot consists of the following enhancements and bug fixes.

Stripe payment system support

Stripe has been added as a supported online payment system. Stripe is an increasingly popular choice, for the following reasons:

  • Supports recurring payments
  • Can be used without merchant account
  • No setup or monthly fees
  • Supports huge number of currencies
  • Supported site countries include US, Canada, Australia, most of Scandinavia and Europe

To set up Stripe as your payment system, copy the Secret Key (test or live, depending on the current status of the your Stripe account) from the API Keys tab of your Stripe account settings and paste it into the Secret key field on Wild Apricot's Payment settings screen.

Automatically adding event guests to contact database

Previously, events guests were not added to your contact database, and registration records were not stored for existing contacts who are registered as guests for an event. With Version 5.5, guests can be automatically added to your contact database, and registration records will be stored for contacts registered as guests.

A new option to control this feature will appear on the Event details tab for each event.

With either of the last two options enabled, guests will be added to the contact database when the main registrant clicks the Confirm button to confirm the registration.

These options only apply to registration types where guest registrations are not set to Only collect total number of guests.

Administrators can now select a contact from the contact database when adding a guest registration manually.

Existing contacts added as guests manually or via an event registration form will have their registrations automatically added to their records.

When choosing recipients for event registration emails, a new option is available that allows you to include or exclude guests.

Guests – including those that were not added to the contact database – will be included in email blasts to event registrants.

Within each contact record, the Events tab will now display guest registrations as well as primary event registrations.

A new search criteria has been added to the advanced contact search so you can search for guests separately from primary registrants.

Existing guest registrations – those that precede the 5.5 release – will not be added to individual contact records.

Option limiting event registrations to one per contact

Previously, the event registration system allowed contacts to register for the same event multiple times. This can be a problem if members use their discounts to register others for a lower fee, and when registrants submit duplicate registrations as a way of modifying their existing registrations.

Now, administrators have control over whether members can register multiple times for the same event. A new One registration per contact option has been added to the settings for individual registration types and for each event. The event-level option appears on a renamed Registration types & settings tab, along with a relocated Registration limit option.

With this option enabled, an attempt by a registrant to register a second time will generate an error.

Whether the option is enabled or not, an administrator can still set up multiple registrations for a contact, but will be warned about the existing registration.

Responsive version of Fiesta theme

A responsive version of the Fiesta theme will be activated 2 days after Version 5.5 is released.

The previous version of the Fiesta theme will appear as deprecated – meaning it has been superseded by a newer version.

Bug fixes

  • "Resource not found" error when saving administrator settings
  • Demo pages generating "Resource not found" and "Failed to load resource" messages
  • Unable to set color of links on login button gadget in White Space themes
  • Save and Cancel buttons sometimes missing on Colors and Styles screen
  • Advanced search using custom common date field returns incorrect results
  • Advanced search using Group Participation field returns incorrect results
  • Registrations by type report incorrectly showing zero cancellations
  • Guest registrant appearing as member in export file
  • Unable to register for event after cancelling earlier registration
  • Recurring profiles are not deactivated after switching a member to free level


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