Version 5.6 release

Released on October 5, 2015

Significant changes

Inserting images and other files

The process of inserting images and other files has been completely redesigned, resulting in a simpler, more streamlined approach.

You still initiate the process by clicking – while editing a site page, page template, email, email template, or event description – the Image icon within the content editor toolbar to insert a picture, and the File icon to insert a link to a document stored on your Wild Apricot account.

But the file  selection dialog that appears has been given a complete makeover.

The simpler design makes it easier to find the file you are looking for. As well, you can now sort the files by name, date, type (file extension), or size, in ascending or descending order.

You can still click the Browse button to upload a new file to your account, but now you can also upload a file by dragging from File Explorer or Finder and dropping it onto the dialog.

And now, once you've uploaded a file, it's automatically selected so you don't have to go looking for it within the dialog. Just click the Insert button and you're done.

If you don't want an image to be resized when you upload it, check the Keep original image size checkbox.

If this option is unchecked, images over 1920 x 1080 pixels will be resized to this size – while maintaining image proportions. Images under these dimensions will be uploaded at their normal size.

The dialog for inserting pictures is considerably less complicated because we've separated the process of selecting an image from the process of choosing image properties. Now, once you've inserted an image, clicking the Settings icon doesn't display the file selection dialog again – instead, it displays a floating image settings toolbar.

Using this toolbar, you can change any of the image's properties, including size, alignment, margin, and borders, and how adjoining text wraps around the image. 

You can also resize a picture by clicking on it then dragging its selection handles.

The image settings toolbar also provides expanded text wrapping options...

...and more precise control over image borders.

And, for the first time, you can also set the border color.

New features

Multi-session events

You can now set up events consisting of multiple sessions occurring on different days. For example, you might host a training course consisting of 10 sessions held on every other Saturday.

Visitors register once for all event sessions. They cannot pick and choose which sessions they want to register for.

You can add individual event sessions manually...

...and/or specify the schedule  of repeating sessions. 

Once you have added event sessions, they will appear within the When and where section of the event details.

When scheduling reminders for multi-session events, the Schedule dialog allows you to choose whether to send before each event session, or just before the first session.

If the first session has already taken place, then the only option will be to send the reminder before each session.

As well, session-specific macros are available to be added to event emails.

On the public side, session numbers will be automatically appended to the event name within the upcoming events gadget...

...and within the event summary that appears on various registration screens.

Within event calendars, the summary of multi-session events will include the number of sessions.

Within calendar view, individual sessions will appear separately.

Within the event details, the entire session schedule will be displayed.

When exporting the event to an external calendar program, each session will appear separately, with the session number and the total number of sessions automatically added to the event name.

Updating membership level via API

You can now update a contact's membership level using a Contacts API call. If you are assigning a contact to a membership bundle, you can specify the bundle ID and designate the contact as a bundle administrator.

New theme sets: Terra and Firma

Two new responsive theme sets have been added. The Terra and Firma theme sets were designed for ecological and environmental organizations, but can be used by any type of organization that wants to  take advantage of their responsiveness, their color schemes, or their theme-specific functionality (see below) .

The Terra themes feature a scrolling background that moves as the viewer scrolls through the page.

The Firma themes feature a non-scrolling background that remains fixed as the viewer scrolls through the page.

Terra and Firma themes provide theme-specific functionality, including:

  • A mobile panel that replaces the menu bar and login options when the width of the browser window is 600 pixels or less
  • Content gadget setting to hide pictures in mobile view
  • Sticky menu style which causes the menu to stick to the top of the page once it reaches the top of the browser.
  • Fixed position setting for social profile gadgets, allowing your social icons to appear on the outer right edge of the placeholder and remain in position as the viewer scrolls the page.
  • Gadget style option – Opacity 60% – that results in a semi-transparent gadget background for content gadgets, upcoming events gadgets, recent blog posts gadgets, and forum updates gadgets.
  • Dropdown login form
  • Alignment options for login gadgets
  • Orientation option – horizontal and vertical – for log in form gadgets
  • Ability to hide the Remember me and Forgot password labels within log in form gadgets, and control whether the email and password labels appear within the entry fields, or outside them
  • Secondary menu gadget, with alignment option
  • Font Awesome iconic font set for adding icons you can easily size and color

Bug fixes

A number of  bugs  were  fixed , including the following: 

  • Contact search generates internal error where duplicate records exist
  • Advanced member search results include archived contacts
  • Advanced member search results not displayed according to results layout
  • Audit log erroneously reports that invoices were deleted by Support
  • Wrong end time being displayed for events
  • Manually adding event registrants generates internal error
  • Registration field report not showing resulting value for calculated field
  • Registrations by type report showing wrong number of cancellations
  • Event announcements being sent to upcoming event registrants when Registrants from past events option is selected
  • Error when saving event email schedule without specifying a schedule
  • Event fields with trailing spaces are not exported to XML
  • Event manager able to view but not export admin-only field values
  • Membership list does not reflect change to membership level from individual to bundle
  • Suspended member remaining in member group
  • Wild Apricot's limit for Secret word field is shorter than the maximum allowed by 2Checkout
  • Authorize.Net recurring payments were charged one day later
  • Recurring payment from PayPal not recorded in Wild Apricot
  • Content editor hangs while editing emails on Internet Explorer 10
  • Plain text with line breaks is pasted as table cells
  • Font change not saved with Bookshelf theme on Google Chrome
  • Theme color is not applied to Event description text in Dark Impact themes
  • Link background color in Colors and styles being applied to link text
  • Member created via API on bundle level is marked as individual member


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