Version 5.6.2 release

Released on October 28th, 2015

Version 5.6.2 includes the following bug fixes.

  • Events in certain time zones removed from calendar before they take place
  • Events not appearing in weekly calendar view
  • Events with no start time appearing as starting at 12:00 am
  • Event end time displayed when left blank
  • Event time not appearing on event details page
  • Event time appears incorrectly in RSS feed
  • Recurring payment charged on PayPal but not recorded in Wild Apricot
  • Photo albums are disabled for new members despite being enabled in global privacy settings
  • Session times are required when adding repeating sessions for multi-session events
  • Upcoming events gadget sorting multi-session events incorrectly
  • Monthly recurring sessions are scheduled incorrectly when the day of the week occurs 5 times in a month
  • Copying file to WebDAV on Windows 7 results in error message though file is copied
  • API returns a value of false on membership for existing members
  • Quickbooks export and export preview differ due to rounding


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