Version 5.7.1 release

Released on December 21st, 2015

Version 5.7.1 includes the following bug fixes.


  • Event reminder being sent to archived contacts
  • Event reminder being sent to recipients with emails disabled
  • Cancelled registrations being included in the event registration calculations
  • Guest registrations not being counted when performing an advanced search using the Checkin count criteria
  • Long event titles overlapping each other in calendar view in widget mode for Whiteboard theme
  • Event time appearing incorrectly in RSS feed
  • Unable to disable registration type attendance limit reached email in routing of system emails


  • Wild Apricot not recording payment received via PayPal Payments Pro
  • Manually settled payment shown as automatically settled in audit log
  • recurring payment processed for member with suspended status
  • Payment cancelled on PayPal recorded as successful on Wild Apricot
  • Using CRE Secure with SagePay results in currency field is missing error when making invoice payment


  • Incorrect word wrapping in email on Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Email editor hangs on Internet Explorer 10
  • Email sent from advanced search page shows incorrect number of recipients


  • Facebook page gadget not visible while adding or modifying until changes are saved
  • Font styles not being applied to event description for Dark and Bookshelf themes
  • Member directory sorting not working properly


  • Advanced searches for archived or suspended members using renewal date last changed criteria producing incorrect results
  • Member renewal confirmed emails sent twice to each member


  • Restricted website admins with ability to add a photo album gadget unable to add photos to it
  • Check in checkboxes appearing enabled to read-only admins
  • Register now and Send email buttons available to read-only admins when viewing waitlist registration record


  • Storage quota exceeded message displayed in error
  • User gets error message when trying to log in using Facebook or Google+
  • Uploading files through the Files screen results in Windows security login message in Internet Explorer 11


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