Version 5.2.4 release

Released on March 4, 2015

The Version 5.2.4 update consists of the following changes.

Theme changes

  • The credit card payment screen is now fully responsive when using Bookshelf and Whiteboard themes 
  • Comprehensive colors and styles settings for Bookshelf and Whiteboard themes have been added

Bug fixes

A number of bugs were fixed, including the following:

  • Issues with connecting to WebDav on Windows 8.1 
  • Issues with WebDAV returning sharing violation and locked messages on MacOS
  • Slideshow gadget appearing in admin view but not public view
  • Quick filtering of member directory not working in admin view
  • Problem saving changes to events
  • Third-party JavaScript code duplicated when saving changes
  • Fiesta theme backgrounds appearing differently in Internet Explorer 9 and 10
  • Bold text ignored in Safari and Firefox when using Fiesta theme
  • Parent menu item not clickable when using Bookshelf and Whiteboard themes
  • Payment buttons on donation form misaligned on mobile devices
  • Event registration screen not displaying properly on mobile devices
  • PayPal charge for client with canceled recurring profile
  • Moneris payment not recorded in Wild Apricot
  • PayFlow account not deactivated after downgrading to free plan or canceling account
  • Issues with processing PayPal payments
  • API error when you try to get DonationPayment by ID
  • API request returning wrong date for event
  • Registration added via mobile app erroneously marked as without invoice 


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