Version 5.7.2 release

Released on January 25th, 2016

Version 5.7.2 includes the following changes and bug fixes.


Support migration

Wild Apricot is currently migrating to a new and improved customer support system so we can serve you better. During the transition period, the ability to submit support requests from within Wild Apricot has been temporarily suspended.

For assistance with your Wild Apricot account, you can email Wild Apricot support at or call (877) 493-6090 (toll-free in North America). For account billing issues, please send an email to If you want to speak to a salesperson, send an email to

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Copy email settings renamed

The Copy email to administrator checkbox that appears when setting up various automatic emails – including invoices, receipts, membership emails, event emails – has been renamed to Copy email to organization contact, which is a more accurate reflection of its default behavior.

You can override this default behavior and change who receives these emails from the system routing settings.

New features

Editing document links

After you've inserted a document link, you can now edit the link. As part of editing the link, you can change the link destination, select a link style, and enter a tooltip.

JavaScript access to API from Wild Apricot site pages

You can now access Wild Apricot's API from within a Wild Apricot site page using JavaScript. You can now embed JavaScript code in your Wild Apricot site to retrieve information from your Wild Apricot database. For more information, see API access options.

Simple email layout

A simple email layout has been added to the layout options available when editing an email or email template. The layout is called 1 cell, no headers/footers  and consists of a single-cell layout with no headers or footers.

This new layout is used by the  Simple  email template.

Event calendar title color and style setting

An Event calendar title setting has been added to the colors and styles settings for the following themesets: Bookshelf, Clean Lines, Dark Impact, Fiesta, Firma, Homestead, Showcase, Skyline, Terra, Treehouse, Whiteboard, and White Space.  Using this setting, you can control the a ppearance of the Upcoming events and Past events headings on event calendars.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs were fixed, including the following:

  • Member activation email sent after member set to Lapsed from Pending-new
  • Group participation not restored after restoring member from archive
  • Last login date not updated after logging in via social networks
  • Unable to modify field instructions for event on Firefox
  • Event title overlapping event dates on mobile devices using Terra theme 
  • Upcoming events with custom timezone not appearing in calendar view
  • Social profile gadgets displayed incorrectly on some Firma themes
  • Pay online button not appearing on Invoices and payments screen
  • Paging arrows not appearing in photo album on Internet Explorer 
  • Linking entire paragraph resets text alignment


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