Version 5.6.1 release

Released on October 13th, 2015

Version 5.6.1 includes the following changes and bug fixes.

New Feedback feature

A new feature allows you to provide feedback and make feature suggestions from within admin view. In place of the Community icon within the admin logo area, a Feedback icon appears. Clicking the Feedbackicon will display a window where you can enter a comment or suggestion for improving Wild Apricot.

Your feedback will be posted to the Wild Apricot  wishlist forum  where it will be reviewed by Wild Apricot's design team.

After you've submitted your feedback, you'll have the option of helping Wild Apricot prioritize feature suggestions by choosing among sets of suggestions.

As well, once a month, you'll be prompted to rate your Wild Apricot experience on a scale from 1 to 10.

Inserting links to documents

When you insert a link to a document or other file, the name of the file no longer overwrites the selected text.

Event module labels

A few labels used to describe event setup options have been changed for greater clarity.

  • On the Registration types & settings tab and on the registration type setup screen, the  Multiple registrations: One registration per contact label has been changed to  Multiple registrations: Disable multiple registrations for the same contact
  • If one or more registration types have multiple registrations disabled, but multiple registrations are enabled at the event level, the existing Multiple registrations: Prohibited for one or more registration types description has been changed to  Multiple registrations: Disabled for one or more registration types

Bug fixes

  • Events without end dates are exported with a negative number as the end date
  • Error when switching event calendar to calendar view on home page
  • Events not shown when switching event calendar to calendar view
  • Multiple featured member gadgets produce server error
  • Internet Explorer 11 crashes when the clear formatting option is used
  • Color of links on the login form gadget cannot be set in Colors and styles screen with the White Space theme
  • Secondary menu gadget not displaying link separators
  • Image settings toolbar is partially hidden when image is too close to window border


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