Version 5.7.5 release

Released on April 27th, 2016

The Version 5.7.5 update is intended to address issues in our code and architecture to allow us to deliver future updates faster and with fewer bugs.

Over time, the code that runs Wild Apricot has grown excessively complicated, requiring us to test the entire system whenever the slightest change is made. This has slowed the pace of new releases and affected overall system performance.

To address this, we have been splitting our code into smaller, more manageable segments, allowing us to isolate code changes and restrict testing to the affected segments.

We are now ready to release the new version of the code to our live environment. To minimize the risks of issues with the updated system, we are splitting the release into two phases – with the ability to quickly rollback changes should major issues arise:

  • Stage 1 - The main application will be gradually updated in small account bunches with the 5.7.5 release
    • Free accounts first
    • Paid accounts after
  • Stage 2 - All other services (Import, Export, Payments, Emailing, Public API etc.) will be updated to the new code with the 5.8 release (approximately 2 months later). Service interruptions will be limited to a single 30-minute period.

Once completed, this update will lead to faster releases of requested features, and a more stable system with better performance and fewer issues.


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