Version 5.8 release

Released on August 24, 2016

The Version 5.8 release of Wild Apricot consists of the following changes and enhancements.

New email wizard

Now when you begin composing an email, the email wizard appears to walk you through the steps involved in designing, previewing, and sending your message.

The first step is to select the template you want to use as the basis for the email.  Once you choose a template, you are automatically taken to the design stage, where you can compose and format your message.

At the design stage, you can add, replace, and format text, and add and replace graphics, links, and macros. You can also modify the layout of the message and change other aspects of its appearance.

After you are finished designing your email content, you proceed to the  Preview stage, where you can preview your message as it would appear on both desktop and mobile platforms. From here, you can also send a test message to yourself.

When you are finishing previewing your email blast, you proceed to the Recipients stage to finalize the list of recipients. At the Recipients stage, you can also specify the email subject, the reply-to recipient, and enable email tracking.

After you've finalized the list of recipients, you can proceed to the Review stage to review and send your email blast. Alerts will appear if there are any issues with your email that would prevent it from being sent.

Column added to contacts export file

The Last login date field has been added to the fields you can choose when exporting contacts and members. 

API enhancements

Events API call

You can now:

  • Update event details for an existing event.
  • Retrieve information for specific events by specifying a list of events IDs. 
  • Retrieve a list of event tags currently in use. 

Contacts API call

You can now:

  • Retrieve the SystemCode used to uniquely identify a field. 
  • Use the SystemCode instead of FieldName to identify the field when creating or updating contact records.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs were fixed, including the following: 

  • Internal error when attempting to access saved searches
  • Advanced search by renewal due date returns records with different date
  • Internal error when sending invoice or payment to different email address
  • Draft emails being autosaved as separate versions
  • Email backgrounds getting dropped in Safari
  • Event email being sent multiple times
  • Google map not appearing in public view for custom domain
  • Macro links become broken after copying and pasting
  • "Session no longer valid" error when adding a guest to an event
  • Unable to save event announcement if it contains an image only
  • Unable to import members if import file has duplicate emails
  • Guest appearing as member in export file
  • Bolding on site page not appearing on Firefox
  • Save and Cancel buttons missing when adding member on Microsoft Edge
  • Current date in event calendar gadget not reflecting timezone settings
  • Records in audit log not in chronological order
  • Some Colors & styles settings not reflected on blog gadget
  • Waitlist enabled when duplicating an event


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