Version 5.11.3 release

Released on July 24, 2017

Version 5.11.3 includes the following bug fixes.

Restricting access to files

You can now restrict access to individual files on your Wild Apricot site by membership levels and member groups. That way, only those who belong to the membership levels or member groups you choose can view a particular image or access a particular document.  

You can restrict access from the Files screen and from the Insert dialog when adding a picture or document.

For more information, see Restricting access to files.

Bug fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Exporting of event attendees times out before completing
  • Resending failed messages from email log sends to all recipients
  • Event announcement on Building Blocks theme displays white text on white background
  • Robot Slab and Lato fonts not displayed correctly on Showcase themes
  • Internal notes entered by administrators on invoices being overwritten by system-generated notes
  • Rebuilding custom theme generates "Theme with id '##' not found." errors
  • Clicking on blog post's author results in page not found or resource not found errors
  • Import hangs if the administrator switches tabs in Chrome


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