Version 5.10.2 release

Released on April 11, 2017

Version 5.10.2 includes the following bug fixes:

  • The Facebook page gadget is displaying JavaScript code instead of the page content
  • The {Contact_First_Name} macro is not being replaced with the contact's first name
  • The Euro is missing as a currency option for Authorize.Net
  • Secondary menu color styles are being applied only to visited links on sites using Terra Oyster Cove
  • Time shown in the Donations section of the Dashboard doesn't match time on Donations list
  • Emails not displaying properly on Outlook and
  • The Add link to images button not appearing within slideshow gadget settings
  • Unable to save changes to page template
  • Unable to save changes to a page using HTTP
  • Member application widget not working properly in Safari on MacOS and iOS
  • Pasted URL macros returning Page not found errors
  • Public can access RSS feed for member-only blog
  • Scrolling position lost after viewing image in site album
  • Featured member gadget displaying default image instead of member picture
  • Resource not found error when saving changes to administrator privileges


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