Version 5.9.2 release

Released on January 16, 2017

Version 5.9.2 includes the following bug fixes.

  • Reverting after previewing a different website theme leads to issues with layouts, styles, and gadgets
  • Payment details not appearing in audit log
  • Dates in financial exports off by one day
  • Import wizard displays "Resource not found" error if there is more than one import session
  • Import wizard displays "Import interrupted by user" error in notes if there is a mismatch in the import file
  • Member directory not listing members in alphabetical order
  • Unsubscribed link is duplicated when added automatically to event announcement
  • Cancelling event registration increases price of another registration
  • Unable to save starting page settings
  • Importing contacts changed members' privacy settings
  • Unable to add a line space after a table using Firefox


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