Version 5.11.1 release

Released on May 29, 2017

Version 5.11.1 includes the following changes and bug fixes.

Opt-in mechanism enhancement

Opted-out contacts will be blocked from receiving event announcements and other email blasts. They will still receive confirmation emails in response to specific actions on their part, such as membership renewal notices or event registration confirmations. 

Bug fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Clicking the Back button in admin view takes you to the Website tab
  • Number of records found does not include guests registrations on Registrants & invitees tab
  • Clicking the Not attending button is not updating the attending status
  • Event emails scheduled more than 160 days in advance are being scheduled for delivery on the wrong date
  • Entering the wrong registration code restarts the registration process instead of displaying error
  • Changing the event organizer from organization contact results in incorrect email link
  • Including a particular code structure in the event description locks event settings 
  • Membership manager and donation manager see Access denied error after returning from the event registration details to the events list


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