Version 5.12.1 release

Released beginning on September 18, 2017

The Version 5.12.1 update includes the following changes and bug fixes.

Membership cards

Members can download and print membership cards using the design you create with the templates provided. Once you design and publish your card, members can view, download, and print their cards from their member profiles.

For more information, see Membership cards.

Email module

  • The Emails list is now sorted by creation date rather than last editing date
  • The list displays the creation date rather than the last edited date for each draft
  • The option to delete an email is now part of an Edit dropdown that appears when you hover over a draft
  • You can now duplicate an email by hovering an existing draft and selecting the Duplicate option from the Edit dropdown

Bug fixes

A number of bugs identified by clients have been fixed, including the following:

  • Event description toolbar disappears as you scroll down a long description
  • Email templates disappear after saving
  • Invoice dates not exported properly
  • Error when attempting to export all members
  • Unable to apply a 100% discount
  • Applying privacy changes to all members not working
  • Unable to update contact using API authorized via API keys
  • Membership fields with admin-only privacy settings still appearing on member profiles
  • Unable to delete all contacts
  • Guest information is duplicated in event invoice
  • Email blast scheduled for tomorrow appeared as scheduled for today
  • Successful completion screen displayed after cancelling PayPal payment
  • Comments for Payer column is empty for donations when exporting all payments and refunds
  • Not attending button displayed differently in Outlook
  • Members able to skip required extra cost field during renewal
  • Updated by field in export file does not display Contact ID


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