Version 5.14 release

Released beginning on November 7, 2017

The Version 5.14 release of Wild Apricot consists of the following changes.

New Stripe setting for increased security

A new Publishable key setting has been added to the payment settings for the Stripe payment gateway to provide increased security.

This is not a required field but if any of your members are getting an error saying “Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe…”, or if you want to avoid the possibility of these errors in the future, you should copy the Publishable key value from the API settings in your Stripe account to this field then save your changes.

Bug fixes

  • Emails are delivered but email statuses is not updated
  • Archived member able to reactivate membership without paying renewal fee
  • Payments via Stripe fail because of security errors
  • Contact ID not among field options when exporting financial documents
  • Member status not switched to active when automatically changing membership level according to renewal policy
  • Renewal date last changes not updated after manual update
  • Member searches returning internal errors
  • Profile last updated by field identifies a contact without administrative privileges
  • Bundle administrators able to view bundle members' invoices, payments, and photo albums


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