Version 5.11.2 release

Released on June 19, 2017

Version 5.11.2 includes the following changes and bug fixes.

Archive contacts button removed

The Archive contacts button has been removed from the Contacts module and Members module. Many clients have clicked this button without realizing that it archives all the contacts or members currently listed. You can still archive contacts one at a time from their contact records, and archive multiple contacts by importing a properly formatted spreadsheet. 

New email templates

We've added 3 new themed templates.

Bug fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Options to choose donation form fields missing from donation gadget settings
  • XML export file is flagged as corrupted by Microsoft Excel if it includes date fields
  • Event list filtered by date filtering includes multisession events with sessions out of the specified date range
  • Unable to save changes to event email schedule
  • Members become individual members after importing them to bundle level without mapping bundle member email
  • {Contact_BalanceAmount} macro returns wrong amount
  • Redirected to wrong screen after deleting invoice, payment, or donation
  • Invoice created via API has the Origin field as the Item name
  • Entering date in text field via API sets the field value to an empty string


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