Version 5.10 release

Released on March 13th, 2017

The Version 5.10 release of Wild Apricot consists of the following changes and enhancements.

Scheduling email blasts

You can now schedule email blasts to be sent on a particular day at a particular time.

On the final step of the email wizard, you can click the Schedule for later option to specify the date and time you want the message delivered.

Once you specify the date and time, the Schedule button becomes enabled.

The time you choose is when the email will be queued for delivery. The message may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be actually delivered.

When you click the Schedule button, you are returned to the emails list where the scheduled email will appear. 

Scheduled emails will remain in the Emails list until they are sent. Once a scheduled email is sent, it will appear in the email log, along with all other sent emails. No confirmation message is sent to administrators when the scheduled email goes out.

For more information, see Scheduling email blasts.

Revised emails list screen

To accommodate the email scheduling feature, the email drafts screen is now the Emails list. The Emails list displays all unsent emails, including both scheduled emails and unscheduled email drafts.

The Emails list can be filtered to display just scheduled emails or just unscheduled email drafts.

For more information, see Emails list.

Not attending feature

You can now include a macro in your event announcement to display a Not attending button – along with a Register button – so that invitees can exclude themselves from future announcements for the current event.

To display the Register and Not attending buttons, you insert the {Registration buttons} macro into your event announcement email or email template.

If you haven't customized your default announcement templates, the {Registration buttons} macro will be automatically included in event announcements for new events.

When an invitee clicks the Not attending button within the email message, they will be automatically logged in to your site and taken to the event details, where a confirmation message will appear.

Invitees who click the Not attending button will be automatically unsubscribed from all further announcements for this event. If they change their mind, they can register for the event at any time by clicking the Register button from the email or your event calendar.

If the invitee clicks the Register button within the email message, they will be taken to the registration form for the event.

To view your invitees' responses, go to the renamed Registrants & invitees tab (previously just Registrants) and click the Filter dropdown. You can select the new Not attending option to see which invitees are definitely not coming to your event, or the new No reply option to see which invitees haven't responded either way.

While you are on the Registrants & invitees tab, the Email registrants and Export registrants buttons will email and export the registrants and invitees currently listed. To avoid confusion – since the Email registrants and Export registrants buttons could be used to email and export non-registrants – these buttons will be renamed to just Email and Export in the next minor update after 5.10 is released.

Unpaid members and member-only registration types

Previously, new members could register for events using member-only registration types before their membership was paid for or approved.

Now, new members cannot register for events using member-only registration types until their membership is activated. To prevent a membership from being automatically activated, you need to enable at least one of the following options on the New application tab for a membership level:

  • Membership applications must be approved by an administrator
  • Payment has to be received in full before membership is activated

If at least one of these options is chosen, membership is only activated after the selected conditions are fulfilled – payment was received in full or membership was confirmed by the administrator, or both, depending on your settings.

To prevent new members from registering for events using member-only registration types before paying for their membership, you need to enable the Payment has to be received in full before membership is activated option (which is enabled by default for new membership levels).

If you want visitors to be able to join as a member and immediately take advantage of member-only registration types, you must leave both these options unchecked.

For existing members, member-specific registration types are only available if their renewal date is not in the past. This applies to members with statuses of Active, Pending - Renewal, and Pending - Level change. This prevents existing members whose membership is not paid up from using member-specific registration types.

Nothing has changed for lapsed members who as non-member contacts couldn't previously select member-only registration types.

Where member-specific registration types aren't available because of membership status, a message will be displayed explaining the situation.

Automatically suspend overdue memberships

As part of the renewal policy for your membership levels, you can now choose to automatically suspend members if they don't renew their membership within a certain number of days.

For a full list of your renewal options, see Enabling renewal reminders and actions.

Recurring members can update their credit card details

Previously, when members needed to change their credit card information for recurring membership fees, they had to stop the recurring payment, then renew their membership with the new credit card details.

Now, members paying via PayPal Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, Moneris, or Stripe for their recurring membership fees can change their credit card information from their member profile. Members paying via PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Payments Standard, or PayPal Payments Pro need to update the credit card information on their PayPal profile.

Administrators can update the credit card details from the Membership tab of the member's contact record.

For members paying via PayPal Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, Moneris, or Stripe for recurring payments, an Update credit card link will appear on their member profile under the Membership detailsheading.

Clicking this link will allow them to update their credit card details. If their existing credit card is within 2 weeks of expiry, an Update credit card button will appear within a yellow warning box at the top of the Membership details section.

If their credit card has already expired, the button will appear within a red warning box.

Administrators can update credit card information for members paying via PayPal Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, Moneris, or Stripe by clicking the Update credit card button on the Membership tab of the member's contact record.

Emails will be automatically sent to members when their credit card is 2 weeks from expiry, and when the card actually expires. You can control the delivery of these emails from the Renewal notifications section on the Renewal policy tab for each membership level.

Free and Variable event labels no longer displayed

Previously, registration types without a registration fee appeared on various registration screens as Free

Registration types without a registration fee but with extra cost fields appeared as Variable

Now, registration types without a fixed price simply appear without any cost or label.

Direct links to specific admin areas

Previously, different areas in admin view shared the same URL. As a result, you couldn't bookmark a particular area, or share a link to that area.

Now, each area in admin view is identified by a unique URL, allowing you to bookmark the area or share a link to it. For example, the Page templates screen can now be accessed by appending admin/website/templates to the end of your Wild Apricot site URL (e.g. You can bookmark this location or share this link with Support staff via email. You can even bookmark individual page templates since they are uniquely identified by a page number (e.g.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs have been fixed, including but not limited to, the following:


  • Various errors and issues when importing contacts
  • Restoring members via import file not restoring membership status
  • Unable to update Disable all emails setting for contacts via import
  • Group participation field uses different format when importing and exporting multiple groups
  • Importing edited export file removes some group participation values
  • Importing affecting member privacy settings


  • Email link tracking not working if there is a duplicate link
  • Routing of system emails not working
  • Email blast sent and delivered but not recorded in email log
  • Bundle member activation email sent and delivered but recorded incorrectly in email log
  • Indenting text in outdated email template changes text size for entire email
  • Unable to highlight underlined text in email editor


  • Difficulty accessing site because of theme errors
  • Quick filtering options for member directory cut off on mobile devices
  • Unable to add line space after a table on Firefox without editing HTML code
  • Unable to justify text on certain browsers


  • Renewal reminders and actions not taking place
  • Member renewal emails not triggered according to level settings
  • Renewal date last changed field appears empty for bundle members
  • Unable to save member starting page settings
  • Invoices deleted rather than voided according to renewal policy
  • Renewal date for lapsed members set to Never

Invoices and payments

  • Dates in financial exports are off by one day
  • Recurring payments not occurring as scheduled
  • Warning icon appears on Invoices tab for contact without outstanding issues
  • {Contact_BalanceAmount} macro not populated in membership emails
  • Payment able to be settled to void invoice
  • Misleading text in payment instructions for recurring payments
  • Unable to move to next line within internal notes for payments
  • Timestamp not included when exporting donations
  • Income report showing incorrect totals


  • Event time shown incorrectly in events list and event details
  • Event filter selection getting reset to Past


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