Version 5.10.1 release

Released on March 27, 2017

Version 5.10.1 includes the following changes and bug fixes.

Clicking within the registrants list

Prior to Version 5.10, you could click anywhere within a particular row on the event registrants list to view the registrant’s registration details. With 5.10, clicking the registrant’s name took you to the registrant’s contact details, and clicking anywhere else within the row took you to the registration details. For many Wild Apricot users, this new functionality was far from obvious, and many thought we had completely removed the ability to jump to registration details from the registrant’s list.

So, at the request of many clients, we have reversed this change. Once again, clicking anywhere within the row – including the registrant’s name – will take you to the registration information for that registrant.   

For non-registrants appearing in the registrants list – those not attending and those who didn’t reply to an event announcement with the {Registration buttons} macro – a Contact details link will be displayed, which you can click on to jump to the contact details for the contact.

Event announcement security warning moved

When you send an event announcement that includes the {Registration buttons} macro, the red security warning advising recipients not to forward the message now appears at the bottom of the message, below the Unsubscribe link. We are also considering making it possible to customize this message.

Archive contacts button renamed

The Archive contacts button that appears at the top of the Contacts list has been renamed to Archive contacts in this list.

Many clients thought clicking this button would take them to a list of their currently archived contacts, when in fact it is used to archive all the contacts currently displayed in the list. There is a warning message displayed but if you ignore it, you can accidentally delete all your contacts.

Bug fixes

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Resource not found error when accessing /Admin and /Admin/Default.aspx
  • Event announcement being sent multiple times
  • Error when using saved member search for email recipients
  • Selected saved contact or member search not being applied
  • Custom result layout not being applied to saved member search
  • Resource not found error when displaying email tracking links
  • Sticky placeholder not being applied on Blueprint theme
  • Admin copies of invoice emails for event registrations being duplicated
  • Current date in event calendar not taking into consideration time zone
  • Unable to edit autosaved page or page template
  • Secondary menu color styles not being properly applied
  • Moldova not included in list of countries on payment page
  • Euro currency missing for Authorize.Net


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