Version 5.8.3 release

Version 5.8.3 includes the following changes and bug fixes.

Event list filters

You can now filter your event list by date, or use a Filter option to display only upcoming events, past events, or admin only events. 

The new Filter drop-down includes the following options:

AllAll events, regardless of date or visibilityFrom furthest in the future to furthest in the past
UpcomingAll upcoming events, except those set to admin onlyFrom soonest to furthest away
PastAll past events, regardless of visibilityFrom most recent to furthest in the past
Admin onlyUpcoming admin-only eventsFrom soonest to furthest away

The default filter is Upcoming. Previously, the event list displayed all events, both current and past. 

A multi-session event will be included in past events only when all its sessions have taken place. If any of the sessions are in the future, then the event will be included in the list of upcoming events.

Membership bundles

The following changes have been made to membership bundles:

  • You can now suspend or archive all the members of a bundle by suspending or archiving the bundle administrator. Previously, you have to suspend or archive all the bundle members one-by-one before you could suspend or archive the bundle administrator.
  • You can now archive a bundle administrator from the bundle administrator's contact record. Previously, the Archive button did not appear for bundle administrators.
  • A bundle administrator can now add a non-member contact who's already in your Wild Apricot database to their bundle.

Archive contacts option

The Archive button, which archives the currently filtered contacts within the Contacts module, has been renamed to Archive contacts. Previously, some clients thought the Archive button would display a list of archived contacts, rather than archive the currently displayed contacts.

As well, the confirmation dialog that appears after clicking the button has been simplified.

Banners instead of ads on selected free account sites

Free accounts that use a Whiteboard theme will feature a Wild Apricot banner instead of Google ads on their sites. Depending on the results, banners may be used in place of ads on other free account sites in the future.

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed as part of this update:

  • Settings option not appearing for images in email templates
  • Conflict between Wild Apricot and Ecwid embed code
  • Unable to edit bundle member's profile if added without an email address by bundle admin
  • Membership status of bundle members does not match bundle administrator after restoring from archive
  • Photo albums are disabled for new members while appearing enabled within global privacy settings
  • Internal notes field value added to wrong column when exporting donations
  • {Payment_Instructions} macro not displaying payment instructions within renewal emails
  • Wrong buttons displayed in Firefox when adding or editing registration type
  • Upcoming events gadget displaying wrong start time
  • Upcoming events gadget displaying incorrect session numbers
  • Record updates made via API recorded as made by Support
  • Demo pages return "Resource not found" errors after switching themes
  • Renewal payment was recorded and renewal email sent, but the membership wasn't renewed
  • Empty red error box appears at mapping stage when importing file with & symbol in email field
  • Incorrect counting of links within email tracking
  • Member remains in lapsed status after changing level to a free one
  • Go to settings link in Email log not working
  • Membership level name macro not working in QuickBooks export
  • Hiding or changing the Variable event cost label code does not work
  • Renewal date last changed field not being updated
  • Default layout in members saved searches has incorrect sorting
  • Last login date not included in contacts export file


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