Version 5.12 release

Released on August 28th, 2017

Version 5.12 release of Wild Apricot consists of the following changes and enhancements.


  • You can now filter the Donations list by date, or by the value of a custom donation field, such as fund.  You can filter by any custom donation field of the dropdown or radio buttons type.
  • Now, the donations report can be grouped not just by tender, but also by any donation field of the dropdown or radio buttons type. The donations report is now also available from the financial reports screen.

Exporting financial details

When exporting financial details, options have been added to include more transaction details, as well as common field values such as address. In addition, taxes collected will be stored in separate columns from base charges. 

When exporting invoices, you can now choose whether to include or exclude the following:

  • All common fields
  • Origin details (Event name/date, Registration type, Membership level)
  • All taxes
  • Payment date

When exporting payments and refunds, you can now choose whether to include or exclude the following:

  • All common fields
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice origin
  • Invoice origin details
  • Event registration type

When exporting donations, you can now choose whether to include or exclude the following:

  • Contact ID
These extra options appear only when exporting to a spreadsheet, not when exporting to QuickBooks.


The following enhancements have been made to the Events module.

  • The option to set the event access permissions is now labelled Visible to Previously, the option simply identified the current access setting.
  • The options to duplicate and delete events have now been combined into an Edit dropdown menu.
  • The confirmation dialog that appears after you choose the option to delete an event with registrations has been revised to clarify the consequences of deleting an event.
  • When editing event details, the content editor toolbar now appears within the Description box, instead of at the top of the screen.
  • Event announcements that contain the {Registration buttons} macro will appear on the Emails tab with the phrase Response requested below the email link.
  • If you click the Send now button to send announcements for an event for which registration is not currently available, you will be warned that recipients will be unable to register for the event. 
  • An Add to calendar link now appears on the event registration confirmation screen.
  • When specifying the end date for an event, the calendar control now begins at the start date, saving you from having to scroll from the current date.

Members and contacts

  • An option is now available when adding a new member or assigning membership to a contact to send the application initiation email to the member.
  • A new search criteria has been added allowing you to search for members with recurring payment profiles.
  • When a member’s renewal date or membership level is changed manually by an administrator, notes will be added to the Internal use area indicating who made the change and when.


When customizing various system emails, the preview pane now displays actual data in place of macros.

reCAPTCHA in place of Captcha on blogs and forums

To reduce spam, Wild Apricot is using reCAPTCHA in place of Captcha for security checks on blog and forum pages. reCaptcha is considered to be easier to use and harder to bypass.

For administrators, no changes are required. If you've already enabled the existing Captcha for your blogs or forums, then it will be automatically replaced by reCAPTCHA.

For visitors to your site, the appearance is slightly different but the overall behavior is the same. The main difference is that new reCAPTCHA is tougher for spambots to crack, providing better anti-spam protection.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs have been fixed, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Saving sent email as new email fails if there are too many recipients
  • Payments report displays no data if only the Online and Offline options are checked
  • Roboto Slab and Lato fonts not being displayed in email wizard
  • Registrant unable to register for 30+ event sessions
  • Images added to blog post disappearing in Firma theme
  • Duplicate email messages sent to multiple recipients
  • Clicking on blog post author name leads to Page not found error
  • Advanced search from Members screen does not return any results
  • @ sign in folder name causes error in Insert picture dialog
  • {Contact_BalanceAmount} macro returns wrong amount
  • Errors with recurring payments were not logged
  • Recurring payments not charged on Stripe and Authorize.Net
  • Merging records produces duplicate MembershipProfileIDs
  • Invoice me button appears for free levels with Online only payment option selected
  • Clicking the Email new password button produces error if contact is unsubscribed from manual emails
  • Administrators cannot edit their membership fields in admin view
  • Insert document wizard opens Pictures folder rather than Documents folder
  • Level last changed field is not updating if the level was switched automatically or manually by admin
  • Advanced search of members with archived or suspended record status returns no results
  • Company name is truncated when exporting to QuickBooks 
  • Custom membership field cannot be cleared through importing


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