Version 6.13 release

To be released beginning on November 19, 2018. The release will be published in batches over the space of a week to ensure stability. Consequently, some changes may not appear on your account up to a week after the release date.

The Version 6.13 release includes the following changes and enhancements.

Automatic cancelation of unpaid event registrations

This feature is being beta tested until the 6.14 release. If you want to enable this feature for your account before then, without the ability to disable it yourself, contact our support department. When this feature is released, it will include the ability to turn it on and off from admin view.

If the payment method for an event's registration fee is set to online only, registrations will now be automatically canceled if the registrant does not pay the fee within 15 minutes of clicking the Pay online button.

The corresponding invoice will be automatically voided. Depending on your event's email settings, a cancellation message may be sent to the registrant and event organizer. If not already a contact in your database, the registrant will be added an archived contact.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs identified by our clients have been fixed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Unable to edit image settings when composing an email
  • Unable to edit base price, page URL, and background color hex code using latest Firefox release
  • Unable to insert link, picture, or table into the text of blog post in Internet Explorer 
  • Polls announcement not sent to all members
  • Email stuck at sending in progress stage
  • Value is not valid error when paying via Wild Apricot Payments
  • Member charged twice via Wild Apricot Payments but only one payment recorded in Wild Apricot
  • Failed payment email sent in error to Wild Apricot client


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