Version 2.12 release

Released on January 25, 2007

The version 2.12 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

  • Introduced Usage tips to the system(748)
  • E-mail blast functionality to event attendees (921)
  • Added a "Clean up formatting" tool to page editor (1097)
  • Added RSS feed to events page(779)
  • Revised our handling of PayPal payment confirmations(883)
  • Simplified way to customize page header introduced (341)
  • Redesigned editor buttons for insert pic/link/document (729)
  • Enabled admins to edit member password (1115)
  • Allowed adding past-dated events (1221)
  • Changed 'show in member directory' to be on by default for new members (1131)
  • Updated MS AJAX framework to latest version (920)


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