Version 5.17 release

Released beginning on February 9, 2018. The release will be published in batches over a space of a week to ensure stability. So, some changes may not appear on your account for up to 7 days after the release date.

The Version 5.17 release of Wild Apricot consists of the following changes.

Members can attach files and images to forum posts

This feature is currently being tested with selected accounts and will be widely available with the 5.18 release of Wild Apricot.

Members can now attach documents and images when adding or replying to a forum topic. The supported document types are: TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PTT, PPTX, ZIP, CSV. The supported image types are: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, TIFF.

To attach a file to a forum topic or reply, click the Choose files button beside Attachments.

You can attach up to 20 files, with a single file size limit of 20 MB.

Once you choose your files and post the topic or reply, they will be displayed at the bottom of the topic or reply. Image files will be displayed as thumbnails, and document files will be displayed using their file names.

Option to generate and email renewal invoice separated into two options

The option to generate and email a renewal invoice after a certain number of days have been divided into two separate options. You can now choose to generate the invoice and set the membership status to Pending - Renewal without emailing the invoice.

Internal notes can be entered when adding to a waitlist

You can now enter internal notes when adding a registrant to an event waitlist.

Information to collect settings for waitlists have been moved

The option allowing you to choose how much information to collect from people wanting to join a waitlist has been moved from the Registration types & settings screen (for event-level waitlists) and the Registration type details screen (for registration type-level waitlists) to the renamed Waitlist & settings screen.

API changes

The EventRegistrationTypes API call now returns these additional fields:


Indicates whether registrants are allowed to cancel their own registrations for this registration type. Possible values:

  • DoNotAllow
  • AllowUpToPeriodBeforeEvent
  • Allow


Indicates the number of days before the event that registrants are allowed to cancel their own registrations.

New help site with inproduct help panel

Wild Apricot will be launching a new help site, featuring a new way to view help: within the product itself. Instead of switching back and forth between admin view and an external help site, you can view help articles within a side panel in admin view, allowing you to follow the directions as you read them.

If you prefer reading help articles in a larger window, you can click the icon beside the topic title to view the article full-sized on the external help site.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs have been fixed, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Clicking the Register button in event announcement takes administrators to Dashboard page in admin view
  • Member status not a search option within advanced member searches
  • Incorrect renewal date after activating a membership without an invoice
  • Referral commission not accruing correctly
  • Adding repeating sessions results in incorrect dates for monthly events
  • Multi-session event cannot be added to calendar on a Mac
  • Home page replaced with demo page after switching themes
  • Unable to save changes after changing the page template
  • Adding a new contact as an event registrant requires email address
  • {Invoice_Details_URL} macro not shown in membership and registration emails
  • Certain event tags cannot be added to event calendar gadget
  • Confirmation emails not being sent to registrants and admins in some cases
  • User can't join event waitlist if multiple registrations are allowed
  • Clicking number within member summary not displaying full list
  • Member can still renew from profile after being suspended and archived
  • Tapping the Not attending option hangs the browser on iPhones
  • Fonts in edit mode not matching fonts in view mode with Fiesta and Homestead themes
  • Emails page with drafts and scheduled emails not loading in Internet Explorer
  • Unable to assign administrative privileges or change password after changing contact's email address
  • Cardholder's name and billing address not being passed to Stripe
  • Registration type created via API can't be viewed in admin backend
  • Internal error when performing advanced contact search for recurring payments enabled
  • Vertical align options for layout backgrounds not working
  • Font Awesome iconic fonts not working for some clients


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