Version 6.3 release

To be released beginning on June 8, 2018. The release will be published in batches over the space of a week to ensure stability. So, some changes may not appear on your account for up to 7 days after the release date.

The Version 6.3 release includes the following changes and enhancements.

Online store now supports product variants

You can now add variations or options like different sizes or colors to your product. Initially, you can add only one variant per product (e.g. sizes or colors, but not both). Support for multiple variants per product will be introduced in a subsequent release.

This feature will be added only after all accounts have been upgraded to Version 6.3.

A dropdown will appear to your customers on the product details screen listing the options you have added. dropdown-iHk.png

Each variation your customers choose will appear as a separate item in their shopping cart and in your product order. with different sizes-BDQ.png

Choose whether to include store orders in income report

When generating an income report, you can now choose whether to include store orders. orders income report-1Jk.png

Deleting contact now removes contact info from email log

To comply with the GDPR (the European Union's new privacy directive), deleting a contact now results in their contact information being removed from all email log entries. In place of their contact information, the word deleted will appear. contact in email log-nmQ.png

Bug fixes

A number of bugs identified by our clients have been fixed, including but not limited to the following:

  • {Bundle_Administrator_Name} macro was displaying last name, first name
  • Member received renewal day email notice instead of renewal reminder
  • Online payments not recorded in audit log
  • {MemberField_Group_participation} not populated in some invoice emails
  • Incorrect payment amount recorded in Stripe for JPY currency
  • Unable to select the Online Store Checkout system page
  • Unable to edit the site search results system page
  • Additional slash is added for files links from file manager with port 443
  • Prompted to confirm without invoice for manually added registrants for free or RSVP event
  • Waitlist registrants being counted towards full event limit
  • Poll close date not reflecting account time zone
  • Unable to save poll with a large number of questions
  • Event invoice assigned to an archived contact
  • Event extra cost radio buttons cannot be added or edited in Safari
  • Equatorial Guinea was not available as an option within the country list on the payments screen


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