Version 6.4 release

To be released beginning on June 26, 2018. The release will be published in batches over the space of a week to ensure stability. So, some changes may not appear on your account for up to 7 days after the release date.

The Version 6.4 release includes the following changes and enhancements.

Limit on guest registrations

You can now set a limit on the number of guests that each registrant can bring. You set the limit separately for each registration type. registration setup-7tU.png

Duplicate registration types

You can now duplicate an existing registration type. To duplicate a registration type, you click the Duplicate button while displaying the registration type details. reg type-rls.png

The new duplicate registration type will be automatically loaded, with its status set to disabled. The word (copy) will be added to the name of the new registration type to distinguish it from the original one. You can then click the Edit button and make the necessary changes to the new registration type.

Announcement email for polls

You can now enable an announcement email to be automatically sent to members who are authorized to access the poll. The email is sent once the poll is opened for voting. You can customize the email template used as the basis for all poll announcements. poll announcement template-OLU.png

Help & support tab replaced by Help icon

The Help & Support tab used to launch our new inproduct help panel has been removed. Now, to launch the help panel, you click the Help icon beside the Support icon below the Wild Apricot logo in admin view. help icon-eqE.png

For instructions on using the new help panel, click here.

Restrict use of 100% discounts

You can now restrict the number of times a discount coupon set to 100% can be used. Discount coupons set to 100% now count towards the total allowed number of uses.

Bug fixes

A number of bugs identified by our clients have been fixed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Contacts list not updated after archiving
  • Wild Apricot's WordPress login not working
  • Renewal date set to Never after archived members reapplies for membership
  • Profile last updated field indicates update was made by contact without admin rights
  • Unable to generate export file when exporting invoices with selected fields
  • Exported invoice displays tax rate rather than tax amount
  • Entering large number of characters into Other field in poll generates an error
  • Advanced search returns internal error
  • Quick filters not appearing in member directory until page is refreshed
  • Clicking on Edit button for blog post opens inproduct help panel
  • Internal error occurs when changing level from individual to bundle
  • Page title on browser tab replaced by photo album gadget title


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