Version 2.16 release

Released on April 6, 2007

The version 2.16 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

  • Customization of automatic email confirmations/receipts triggered by certain events:
    • Membership application (1200)
    • Event registration (1450)
  • CSS customization - finally tech-savvy users can directly tweak CSS for their Wild Apricot site template (1518, 1522)
  • 2 new design templates (themes) - without CSS images so very easy to fully customize (1521)
  • Advanced search in Member directory (for public/members) introduced (in addition to simple keyword search) (1436)
  • Advanced search admin interface enhanced - now includes system fields (i.e. membership level, notes, created date, etc.) (1402)
  • Page templates - a mini-wizard to create a page of a desired layout and specify other page settings right away (1194)
  • Date selection widget redesigned - much faster and allows direct typing of date as text (913)
  • Export of event attendees now includes custom event registration fields (1530)
  • Export to now uses MS XML Spreadsheet format everywhere
  • Opening trial account simplified - no plan selection is necessary, plan can be selected when/if user decides to upgrade(1376)


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