Version 2.17 release

Released on April 27, 2007

The version 2.17 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

  • Ability to change event price based on selected options on the event registration form(1421)
  • Email customization improvements
    • Member renewal emails customization (1338)
    • Customizing Donations confirmation email is now available(1196)
    • Member application workflow customization - you can leave new records as pending, customize emails and change sending options etc.(1407)
      • Note: Make sure to review this feature and change settings as appropriate. As we have changed from hard-coded to settings-driven control of processing member applications, default settings have changed. Go to Settings / Member application workflow and e-mails to review and change settings
    • Customize member directory sorting (1296)
  • Documentation
    • Css customization documentation - extended tutorial on changing theme colors (1654)
    • Import and other help topics
  • Usability improvements
    • Back to list in member lists (1562)
    • Show table borders in editor (1628)
    • Insert HTML snippet (1716)
  • Self-service function to close down a Wild Apricot account (672) (We hope you will never need it! But if you do - you can do it right away now yourself)


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