Sitemap gadget

The sitemap gadget displays text links to all pages within your site's menu. The links are arranged vertically and formatted as bullets. Submenu options will appear indented below their parent options.

You can control whether a page appears in the menu (and thereby, the sitemap) from its page settings.

Typically, a sitemap is added to a dedicated sitemap page, which is linked to from page footers and/or your Page not found system page.

You can insert the gadget into a page onto your site, or into a page template so that all pages that use that template will automatically display the gadget. For instructions on inserting, moving, and deleting gadgets, see Gadgets.

If you want to display links to selected site pages – on a page footer, for example – you can insert a navigation links gadget.

Sitemap gadget settings

Using the gadget's settings, you can control its appearance.

For instructions on displaying gadget settings, see Gadgets.

The following settings are available for sitemap gadgets:

The amount of space – in pixels – that appears outside the gadget. You can set top, bottom, left, and right margins separately.

(Casefile and Kaleidoscope themes only) The amount of space – in pixels – that appears between the content of the gadget and the outer limits of the gadget. You can set top, bottom, left, and right padding separately. If you have set a fixed height for the gadget, the bottom padding will be ignored.

Within the Advanced section, you can enter CSS code or classes to further control the appearance and behavior of the gadget. For more information, see Gadget settings.

Changing colors and fonts

You can change the colors, text styles, and backgrounds used in your website from the Colors and styles screen. For more advanced fine-tuning, you can use CSS customization and theme overrides.

For sitemap gadgets, you can modify the following elements from the Colors and styles screen:


  • Navigation gadgets > Sitemap > General
    Firma, Showcase, Terra themes


  • Navigation gadgets > Sitemap > Link
    Firma, Showcase, Terra themes

Fonts and colors

  • General formatting or Typography > Text, Link

Any changes you make will be applied to other gadgets that use the same settings.


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