Version 7.6 release

To be released beginning on November 14, 2019. The release will be published in batches over the space of several days to ensure stability. Consequently, some changes may not appear on your account until after the release date.

The Version 7.6 release includes the following changes and enhancements.

New email editor

Using the new email editor, you can design complex emails more easily, with a more consistent and predictable appearance across different platforms, devices, and email readers.

The new email editor is currently only available when designing manual emails and manual email templates. The legacy email editor is still being used for event emails and automatic emails such as membership emails, invoices, and receipts. 

Designing an email with the new email editor is like using building blocks: you stack different kinds of layouts on top of each other to form the structure of your message.

Then, you add your content by inserting different gadgets into the various cells within your structure. 

To add content to your email message, you drag and drop gadgets where you want them to appear. There are different types of gadgets for different types of content. For example, if you want to add a divider to your message, drag the divider gadget from the Gadgets panel and drop it where you want it to appear.

For more information on the new email editor, click here. For a guide on transitioning from the old email editor to the new one, click here.

Support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft will be dropping support for Internet Explorer 10 by the end of the year, and will not be updating the current version, Internet Explorer 11. Wild Apricot will be dropping support for all versions of Internet Explorer beginning with this release. Your members and contacts can continue to use IE to access your Wild Apricot site, but we will no longer support IE for administrative functions. We encourage you to switch to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge for an improved admin experience.

Bug fixes

A number of issues identified by our clients have been fixed, including but not limited to the following:

  • The cursor changes its position when editing HTML code for event description
  • The date entered in a custom event field is shifted one day back on admin app 
  • Files are being marked as temporary and deleted by system
  • API returns Undefined for OrderType in AuditLogItem list


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