Version 2.30 release

Released on February 6th, 2008

The version 2.30 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

  • Private website sections with controlled secure access - Adding multiple private website sections, e.g. one section for regular members, another one for premium members, yet another for the board etc. (Community plan and up)
  • Save & rerun searches - Ability to save searches and re-run them with one click.For example, you can create a search to select people who live in Toronto OR Mississauga OR Scarborough OR Richmond Hill, save it as 'Greater Toronto Area' and re-run it instantly later on. (Community plan and up)
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools - Editing page titles and meta-tags (keywords, description, raw headers). This is helpful for search engine optimization of your Wild Apricot website - and for some special cases like site verification, for example to use Google Apps email or Google Webmaster tools. You can edit meta-tags for the whole site - or adjust them and edit page title for each page individually. (Community plan and up)
  • Function to delete all member records (e.g. to re-import)
  • A number of enhancements to Advanced search , including
    • Search by exclusion 'Is not'. For example, you can search for records where state is anything except California
    • Search date fields by this/last month/year. (For existing date fields like Renewal due. ability to add custom date fields is planned for later).
  • Ability to change group administrator for group membership levels
  • Member profile page customization - ability to select fields which are used as page heading. For example business associations might want to use organization name while clubs and other groups can use persons's name
  • Event start and end times are now actual time fields instead of text fields they were. This ensures that event will be properly sorted in the list, in the RSS feed and when it's imported into desktop calendar like Outlook or iCalendar.
    • Note about your existing events: We have automatically converted the times for your past events from text you have entered and where this was not possible (e.g if you entered something like 'cocktails around 6 and dinners starts at 7 sharp') we have moved these texts to the beginning of event description.
  • New help article how to insert favorites icon


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