Version 2.37 release

Released on November 11th, 2008

The version 2.37 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

  • Page management screen to view all your pages at a glance, move them around and change settings.
  • More flexible workflow for new member applications
    • Ability to activate new members immediately, or to activate them subject to payment, subject to approval, or both.
    • Ability to record partial payments and payment corrections for membership applications transactions.
  • Ability to customize event announcements and reminder emails
  • Ability to format automatic emails with fonts, colors, pictures etc.
  • Improvement in Advanced search - Members to deal with empty values and unused criteria. This also resolves a problem with using saved searches to predefine a set of criteria in member directory page. Unused criteria will now be ignored (in the past they might have resulted in no records being found).
  • Horizontal menu capability and theme templates which can be used with it. Previous versions of Wild Apricot required the main menu to be placed vertically on the left side and only the most adventurous souls managed to tweak their website CSS code to set up horizontally-placed menus. The new release makes this option available to everyone — and it comes with new theme templates to get you started.
  • Paging of blog posts
  • Macro with a link to member public profile page - which you can insert in emails to point members to their personal profile webpages. *{Member_Profile*} - can be used in all automatic emails related to applications and in email blasts to members.
  • Events now stay in the current list until the end date/time (previously, multi-day events moved into Past events right on the start date)
  • Automatic notifications to administrators about payment system configuration errors. If there is a problem reported by PayPal or with your account configuration (which means that people are unable to pay online), our system will send you an automatic email notice
  • Wild Apricot in widget mode (embedded into other sites) will now only open new window when Paypal payment option is selected (this is required due to Paypal security measures).
  • Wild Apricot terms of use have been removed from new member applications - they will be displayed to members later on, during their next login into the site.
  • HTML code has been tweaked to make it easier to individually customize each event via CSS


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