Version 2.38 release

Released on December 25th, 2008

The version 2.38 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

  • Discount coupons for member applications (Community plans and up)
    Create a discount coupon and give out the secret coupon code to prospective members. Discount by percentage - or specific amount. Restrict maximum number of uses, dates, eligible membership levels. Discount coupons can also help to track affiliate sales — give each affiliate a distinct coupon code, and then track membership applications by code.
  • Google Checkout (BETA)
    One more payment processor option for online payment.
  • Dynamic pricing of new member applications (Community plans and up)
    Up until now, the pricing of each membership application was fixed depending on the selected membership level. With this functionality you can add selections to your membership application which will dynamically adjust the price for each application.
    For example, you can use the same membership level but set different pricing based on company size. Or offer subscriptions and special membership paraphernalia to be purchased together with the application.
    You can also specify whether a particular pricing option applies to new applications only, renewals only - or both
  • Report on selected registration options for events
    In prior versions you had export the attendee list into Excel to view all the registration form selections for all records. This update introduces a new report which lets you access that right within the system
  • Email drafts
    Now you can stop and resume your work on mass emails/newsletters at any time.
  • Custom reports on member database (Community plans and up)
    Now you can run searches on your member database and define which fields to show in the results list.
  • Dynamic menu - menus items show child items when you place your mouse over it.
    This is initially released for 2 themes: Transparent and Classic Blue - and will be added to other themes in the future releases.
  • Online self-service for Wild Apricot clients to update credit card details and billing plan
    Now you can update credit card details and billing plan — instead of having to fax it to us or email plan change requests. Note that, initially, this will work only for clients who upgrade after today. We do not have a way to automatically extract and transfer recurring billing already setup through our old payment processor. We are working to add self-service capability for all current clients in future releases.
  • Ability to customize functional pages via point and click interface (prior to this release, this was only available for content pages while functional pages had to be customized only through CSS)
  • Paging on forum pages


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